Our school's guiding principles that provide the foundation of how we conduct ourselves and what we impart in our children. Developed based on rigorous research and understanding of what children should take away from their pre-school years.

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Every child should acquire social and communication skills that will be vital for their continued progress in the future. Hence we focus heavily on strengthening language skills, devoting our education equally to both English and Chinese as we acknowledge the importance of bilingualism.



Our engaging teaching method exposes our children to different situations where they learn to adapt to changes and challenge their creative minds. As our children grow up, they would need to develop flexible and innovative thinking. Hence we are constantly improving our teaching methods and resources to help our children be prepared for the future, and most importantly, have fun!

We believe that the core Chinese values are relevant and applicable to all children as they grow and blossom. These values are easily lost in modern society. As we move towards a more practical world, these values can guide and nurture children into holistic individuals. Hence we weave these values into our education system to enable children to be all rounders.

Harmony: We emphasize the need for coordination between peers, and for every child to be collaborative.  

Benevolence: Through imparting benevolence, we aim to develop them into compassionate and gracious individuals.

Wisdom: Wisdom is not just being book smart, hence we aim to help every child distinguish right from wrong, know oneself, and be resourceful.

Filial piety: According to Confucius, “Respecting and supporting the family’s elders (zunlao, jinglao, yanglao, songlao, 尊老、敬老、养老、送老)” are duties of younger generations. We strive to instil this concept of respect in our children.

Righteousness: Justice and correctness. As Confucius said, “the gentleman understands what is moral; the petty man understands what is profitable (君子喻于义,小人喻于利).” Every child should understand that they should act in a way that is morally right or justifiable, respecting and caring for others while not being self centered.

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